Why does everything seem so hard.  No matter what I do it just feel like I’m falling short on everything.  Work is not walk in the park at the moment.  It’s really a struggle for me.  I work hard but I feel like I’m not being successful with it.  I have a lot of different things going on right now and I fill like I’m juggling to much.  Everyday feels like I’m taking two steps back and no steps forward.  I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  It seems like the tides are against me.  The words the Struggle Is Real has never been so true.

It seems like when I was in the military I just had to do one thing and I did it well.  Now I feel like I’m having to do a million things with no success in any of them.  The stress is just building up and my anxiety is just building each and every day.  I have tried many different things to calm my anxiety but it doesn’t work.  I have a true fear of people and communicating with people because of it.  This make it even harder to get by.  This is why I have been missing so much work and makes it hard to just even go and do work.

It’s not just the fear of people it’s also the fear I will explode and say or do things that might not be politically correct or legal (Hit someone).  This is why I tend to be by myself most the time.  So I don’t do something that would cause me more problems.  Does anyone else feel this way.

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