Do you ever feel like you are not good enough.  That’s how I feel almost every single day.  You go from being a good soldier and knowing your craft as a soldier, to not being a soldier.  It’s an empty feeling that I have every single day.  I try to find something that I’m good at but I just fall short of being great at something.

This is a lonely feeling because I watch others be great at what they do, but I can no longer be great at what I did in the military.  I just walk each day just comparing my life to now to what it was like in the military.  I hate it because it makes that empty void in my life seem to just get bigger.  I have an accounting degree and I can’t seem to find a job with it.  I am married but I feel like I’m not a great husband, and to make matter worse I’m about to have a baby boy and I’m afraid I might not make a great father because of this.


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